Nerdstock Gaming Center

OPEN @ NOON Daily! Closed on Mondays.

$40 Modern Masters Draft Pods schedule

Friday March 31 @7:00pm
Saturday April 1 @ 4:30pm
Sunday April 2 @ 1:00pm

Pods fire as they fill.
Prize payout for 8 player pods
1st place 5 Packs of MM2017
2nd place 3 packs of MM2017
3rd place 2 packs of MM2017
4th place 2 packs of MM2017

Prize payout for 6 player pods
1st place 4 Packs of MM2017
2nd place 2 packs of MM2017
3rd place 2 packs of MM2017
4th place 2 packs of MM2017

to preregister for major events, pre order items,

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sign in and click on Register for an event.

Please have cards in the same order that they are listed in the trade so we can verify the cards with the trade list quickly and efficiently.

New MTG 2017 Prices
MTG Booster Boxes $100.00 out the door. ($92.38 plus tax)
Planechase Anthology $108.24 out the door ($99.99 plus tax)

X wing tables


Nerdstock Gaming Center is a destination for friendly, fun, casual, and competitive gaming. We provide plenty of table space in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for gaming.

We stock all of the latest board games, role playing games, Star Wars X-wing/Armada and of course Magic: The Gathering. We buy and sell a large selection of Magic singles.

Conveniently located near Whataburger, Little Woodrow’s, Brooklyn Pie Company, Chipotle, Schlotzky’s, and many other great restaurants in the Parmer- McNeil Plaza.

Opening Day!


We are located in the Parmer McNeil Plaza at the corner of Parmer & McNeil, behind Whataburger.

North Austin's Newest Place For Gaming