Magic: The Gathering

Modrn and standard case July

We carry sealed product for all Frontier Legal sets, as well as a large Selection of  Standard and Frontier Magic Singles. We have a respectable amount of Modern Singles but don’t carry a large selection of Modern singles.

Our Magic tournaments are well-organized and FUN! We welcome players of all skill levels, from beginners to casuals, to Casual Competitive, to Competitive.

MTG Weekly Tournament Schedule
Monday = $6 Entry No Pity Pack Modern Monday 7:30pm
Tuesday= $15 Sealed League Entry 7:30
You buy a new pack week 2-3-4 for $4.32 after tax
Begins Feb 20th (6:30pm for deck building)lasts 4 weeks
Wednesday = $10 Entry. Standard Split a box. 7:30pm
Top 4 split 32 packs. 5th place gets 4 packs.
Thursday = $6 Casual Commander League 7:30pm
Each league begins on the 1st Thursday of the Month
and ends on the last Thursday of the month.
Friday Night Magic
Standard $6 Entry 7:30pm
Modern $6 Entry 7:30pm
Draft $15 Entry 7:30pm
Saturday= $6 Modern 1:00PM
Saturday= $6 Pauper 4:00 PM
Sunday= $6 Standard Showdown 1:00PM

We do something unique at our Gaming Center

Called Casual Commander League.

CASUAL Commander League is 4 weeks long.

Each league begins on the 1st Thursday of the Month
and ends on the last Thursday of the month.

$6 per payer per week to play.
Random prizes raffled.
League prizes are NOT based on Last player standing.

Every pod gets 1 pack of latest standard set that is randomly determined by the players in the pod.

1 weekly prize is randomly given out. All players are eligible to win the random weekly prize.

Examples of weekly prizes

Invocation Damnation, Force of Will, Bundle of Ixalan/Hour of Devastation/Amonkhet/Aether Revolt and Eldritch Moon, Wizard Planeswalker Deck, Scalding tarn , and Arid Mesa.

If you play in at least 3/4 weeks you are eligible for grand prize raffle during week 4. Grand prize is a box of the latest standard legal set.

Nerdstock Playmat Sealed


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