Magic: The Gathering

Modrn and standard case JulyWe carry sealed product for all Frontier Legal sets, as well as a large Selection of  Standard and Frontier Magic Singles. We have a respectable amount of Modern Singles but don’t carry a large selection of Modern singles due to the lack of popularity of the format in our non PPTQ attendance.

Our Magic tournaments are well-organized and FUN! We welcome players of all skill levels, from beginners to casual (Pre releases, Sealed Leagues, and draft) to Casual competitive(Draft, Frontier, Modern, and Standard). Competitive players can compete in our PPTQs, Win a Box events, and Game Days. We have tournaments for everyone.

Want to learn how to play Magic:the Gathering?

Come in any Tuesday Learn to play Magic:the Gathering from 8pm-9pm with Michael.  A deck will provided by the store for you to play.

Nerdstock Playmat Sealed


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