Board Games

We carry a high quality selection of the latest and most popular board games, Munchkin, X-Wing, SW Armada, and SW Imperial Assault . We have an open board game policy, so you can try new games before buying anything. John, the games manager, Can open a game for you. You try it out. If you like it you can buy it and take it home. If not we put it up on our demo shelf.

Every  Night  From open to close is reserved for Open gaming!

Do You need a place to game?

We have tables! NO CHARGE!

We have space  for 8 simultaneous X wing games.

You role play and need a place to play today?
We have tables for you to play on NO CHARGE!

You play board games and need a place to play?
We have tables! NO CHARGE!

You want to play board games but don’t have any?
We have board games! NO CHARGE!

Want to play test some magic the gathering?
We have tables! NO CHARGE!

Outside food and drink allowed.
BYOB if you rent one of our ice buckets.
Please clean up after yourself.

Brooklyn Pie Co. (pizza/subs)
Eggroll Express
Deliver to our Gaming Center for free!


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