Board Game Events

Monthly Social Light Board Game Night

January 3, 2018 From 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Our January Social will be at Nerdstock Gaming Center, Austin’s newest place to buy and play games, with plenty of table space for everybody. There are numerous food options in the same center, including Brooklyn Pie (pizza), Eggroll Express, Verts Mediterranean, Chipotle, Schlotzsky’s, Whataburger, Sip Saam Thai, La Feria Mexican, and more. You are welcome to grab something and bring it in, or have it delivered right there.

Bring your favorite light game to share, or play one for free from the Nerdstock library. What is a “light game”? Any game that takes an hour or less to play, and can be taught to a new player in under five minutes. Some of my favorite light games include Zombie Dice, Simon’s Cat, Exploding Kittens, Port Royal, King of Tokyo, Blokus, Survive, Guillotine, Splendor, Forbidden Island, Apples to Apples, Black Fleet, and Ticket to Ride. Don’t have any in your collection? Come on out anyway and learn a new game.

This is a great chance for our new members to meet some of our geezers… I mean, long-time members. See you there!

Wood for Sheep

Every Tuesday 6:30pm to close

open board gaming with Wood for Sheep meet up group.


Let’s Play Catan

 5PM to Close 3rd Saturday every month


6:30pm – close 1st Tuesday Each Month!


  • Let’s play Catan!
    The 1st Tuesday 6:30-9:30PM of Every month
    and 3rd Saturday 5:00PM-11:30PM of Every month

    Tuesday January 2 from 6:30-9:30PM
    Saturday January 20 from 5:00PM-11:30PM

    Tuesday February 6 from 6:30-9:30PM
    Saturday February 17 from 5:00PM-11:30PM

    Tuesday March 6 from 6:30-9:30PM
    Saturday March 17 from 5:00PM-11:30PM

    Tuesday   April 3 from 6:30-9:30PM
    Saturday April 21  from 5:00PM-11:30PM

    Nerdstock Gaming Center
    6301 W Parmer Lane, Austin, TX (map)

    Usually in the Middle rows of the store.

    Game ON! It’s time to scratch that Catan itch! If you have never played, have only played a few times, or are the King of Catan (well, that title is reserved for Matt ) – come and join us! Bring your boards, your expansions, your snacks, and your wood .

    We usually have a base game going at one table and either Cities & Knights, Trails to Rails or some other variant at another table. Other tables will be available if enough people show.

    Come join us for an evening of fun!


  • Nerdstock Gaming Center

    6301 W Parmer Lane, Austin, TX (map)

  • The Catan gaming tables should be obvious. 😉
  • Time for a switch of venues for our 3rd Saturday Catan meetups since DL said they no longer have tables for us.  Nerdstock is located on the SW corner of Parmer and McNeil behind the Whataburger, easy to get to from MoPac, about 3 miles west.  Nerdstock has only snacks and drinks for food, but they have a working agreement with Eggroll Express and Brooklyn Pie Company (pizza) to deliver. Their tables are beautiful and they assured me there would be some available for us.  Here is a link to their Facebook page: Nerdstock Gaming Center

North Austin's Newest Place For Gaming