Miniature Painting

The Last Saturday of Every Month at 6:00pm
Hey guys! Game Master John here and I have the itch to paint!
Many have asked me about mini-painting in the store and I figured that I would make us all a little workshop to help those who have questions, teach a few of my basic techniques, and most of all paint!
Details- For $10 we will provide all the materials needed. Paint, brushes, any Reaper Bones Miniature of choice (provided its one of the small or medium sized miniatures) and we will even provide you with an ice bucket if you wish to crack a few cold ones as you paint as well.
You may also bring a miniture of your own that you wish to paint. If it is a metal one though, please have it primed and ready to paint by start time.
By no means am I a professional artist, because I’ve never sold any of my work, but it’s still nothing to shake a stick at in my humble opinion. I’ll leave a few images of the work I’ve done as of late in the comments below.
Looking forward to the fun! See you soon!



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