Special Events






Entry Fee $30

Preregistration Available online Beginning June 12

if 40 or more players event is a $1k payout

1st $400 and RPTQ invite

2nd $200

3rd-4th $100

5th-8th $50

Doors open at 10AM

Registration Ends 10:30AM

Decklists required.

Player meeting to begin at 10:30AM

Round 1 immediately after player meeting.

X rounds of swiss based on attendance with cut to top 8.


Werewolf of the Dark Arts returns Saturday July 22 at 5PM

ūüźļ Even More ‘Werewolf’! ūüźļ

Saturday, Jul 22, 2017, 5:00 PM

Nerdstock Gaming Center
6301 W Parmer Ln Austin, TX

8 Geeks and Gamers Attending

Not getting enough Villagers in your diet? Looking for more magical Werewolf pelts to line your closet? Interested in meeting others in strange and exotic professions? Look no further than here! The creator of Werewolves of the Dark Arts will be hosting at your familiar Nerdstock location! It’s the same great lynch-filled gameplay as other variants…

Check out this Meetup →








Sundays @ 3PM
Entry Fee $6
Top finishers get store credit based on attendance

Sundays @ 3:00 PM

Entry Fee $6
Top finishers get store credit based on attendance
Format will be voted on each week before we start.
If we get a minimum of 10 players we will do a free raffle
(your entry fee covers the raffle)

7:30pm-close Tournament every other Wednesday

Got the Newest Star wars Destiny card game and no one to play it with?

Come to Nerdstock Gaming. Play some games. Make a friend.


Returns   July 29, 2017! 

 Back By Popular Demand!

Do you enjoy lying through your teeth? How about eating your friends? Maybe you like to play the hero that leads your village to victory and survival? How about starting a secret cult and taking over the village one new zealot at a time? Well, Ultimate Werewolf may be the game for you! This month we will be meeting at the new gaming shop in north Austin called Nerdstock @ 6pm. They have a really nice open space that will be perfect for some great rounds of Werewolf. Plus lots of food / drink options right next door.

So, how does the game work? In basic games there are two teams that players can end up in. Either the villager team or the Werewolf team. Players are given a role card at the start of the game that will secretly let them know which team they are on and if they have any special abilities. The game proceeds in rounds. Each round has a day and night phase. During the day players can talk to each other and decide as a majority on who they want to lynch. At night players are “asleep” and they’re able to perform their special abilities in secret. The first team (or unique player role) to reach their victory condition wins. It’s a game that has a heavy emphasis on player interaction, lying, teamwork, and strategy. With over 100 different roles and support of up to 20+ players, no two games of Werewolf are ever the same.

To mix things up even more I have a whole collection of different house rules that completely change up the gameplay for Werewolf veterans. For example: No Reveal, Anonymous Roles, Artifacts, and Masked Wolves. I have also created a number of custom role cards myself over the years I’ve been moderating the game including some fan favorites the Baker & Devil. Games can take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes depending on the rules variant and number of players.

Newcomers are always welcome to come out and play with us. We always start with basic games and then ramp up to more complex roles and game types. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or make a comment below. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!



DnD 5th Demo

D&D Introduction to 5th Edition

Every Tuesday and Thursday From 6pm – 10pm

Have you ever wanted to get into the hobby of role playing¬†and have never had a chance to partake in the “best game ever made”? This is your chance! Entry level start up casual play. Go to


& search for Nerdstock Gaming Center. Click on the event you would like to join and make an account. Max of 6 players for this event. First to sign up are the first to hold a seat to adventure! Look forward to seeing you soon!




  MTG  Standard, Modern, Draft, Commander @ 7:30PM

Standard Constructed

How it works:

You Bring a constructed standard legal deck from home.

Entry Fee of $6.

You play 4 timed rounds of swiss @ 45 minutes per round.

Registration Begins at 6PM

Event Begins at 7:30PM

Prize goes up if more than 16 people enter the event

Avg attendance 15 players PRIZE STRUCTURE 



3RD-5TH PLACE $10 STORE CREDIT or 3 packs Player’s Choice

6TH-16TH PLACE 1 PACK¬†of Player’s Choice
2 Random FNM Promos Given out


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